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Home Care Beds (Electric Hospital Beds)

Our home care beds feature a low-profile design which provides the patient with comfort , and allows them to move on and off the bed safely and easily Bed shown with Static Air Overlay (Semi-Electric Model)

  • Fully electric hospital beds
  • Semi-electric hospital beds
  • Manual hospital beds
  • Hospital bed matresses
  • Pressure Relief matresses
  • Trapeze and traction equipment
  • IV stands and overbed tables 
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*Available for Rent or Purchase Adjustable Electric Beds are comfortable for a good night's sleep, relaxing, watching tv or reading without proping up pillows! Perfect for elderly, disabled or recovering patients. These are the same type of beds used in hospitals.

Air Mattress System:

  • Easy Operation
  • Completely Portable
  • Quick Deflate for Emergencies
  • Optional Side Rail Safety System
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  • Home Care Bed Accessories

    Security Bed Rails
    by Mobility Transfer Systems Provides bed safety

    • Bed rails lower in case of emergency
    • All steel construction
    • Single or double side models

      Model 1875 shown as single side (left) also available with both sides (model 1885) bed safety rail is 18" long. Model 5075 bed safety rails 30"(Right)single-sided bed rail fits any size home style bed and has a tubular frame with anti-slip supports that fits between the mattress and box spring. 
    • Model 5085 Double-Sided 30" Bed Safety Rails fits king sized beds
    • Provides security and assistance on both sides
    • Easy to set up and move to new location
    • Quality Steel Construction with white powder coat finish

      #1875 - $110.00   #1885 - $142.00
      #5075 - $125.00   #5085 - $150.00





    The Transfer Handle and the Freedom Grip®

    allow for safety and independence in and around the patient's bed
    Transfer Handle:

    • Easily mounted to any bed, both home or Hospital
    • Perfect for those who require a wheelchair or bedsidecomode.Provides safety to both patient and caregiver Ideal for those with Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Amputees, and many other debilitating conditions.
    • Installs in Minutes!

      *Left- Standard Transfer Handle (#2025) $125.00 *Right- Hospital bed Transfer Handle (#2025H) $150.00 



    Freedom Grip provides Fall Prevention, Mobility Assistance and Safety
    Bedside assistance for people who need a helping hand...
    Fits any size or style of home bed. Quick installation, no tools required. Slide bedboard base between the mattress and the boxspring and just snap in the handle.